I Offer Many Energy, Intuitive and Channeled Forms Of Life Coaching

Welcome to the magical world of All Paths Lead Om. We offer a wide range of healing modalities through energy work! This includes Reiki, Violet Flame Healing, Golden Light Healing, and more! Come join us at The Healing House or book a distance session that is specially designed and tailored for you and your current needs, be it relaxation, healing, heart-work, releasing grief, entity removal, help with sleep, clearing & rebalancing of chakras, or a peaceful retreat from the world. Freedom Jennings has been trained in many modalities and understands that your session serves you best by being just as unique as you are! We look forward to connecting with you!

My Prices


for one hour


for 30 minutes


for 15 minutes

Energy Clearing and Healing

Whether you need a specific type of healing for the body or a clearing of energies, entities, or grief, this is the session for you. We create a relaxing and safe space while getting guidance and gentle healing from our Spirit teams combined!

Reiki Relaxation

If you’re wanting a spa like experience or help with insomnia or anxiety, this is the session for you. Freedom Jennings is a traditional Reiki Master also specializing in Violet Flame Healing Β & Golden Dao Healing, orchestrating them in a relaxing symphony for ultimate unwinding.

Chakra Balancing

If you are wanting a recharging and rebalancing experience, this is the choice for you! Freedom Jennings is a Certified Crystal Healer & a Licensed Aura-Soma practitioner, combining both for the optimization of energy flow to get you back in the game!

Readings and Consultations

Whether it’s a Tarot Reading or an Aura-Soma Consultation, we have you covered! Freedom has been reading Tarot for 26 + years & is a Level 3 Licensed Aura-Soma Practitioner! She uses her years of esoteric study with her ability to channel Spirit so that you can receive the guidance you need from the Higher Realms!

Tarot Reading

Whether you’re needing some quick life advice or would like to know about a situation more in-depth, this is a great option for you. The future is pliable based on the frequency you carry, so we can also look at what needs to shift in order to reach your desired outcome! Spreads to consider are Birthday Spreads, Year-Ahead Spreads, Chakra Spreads, or any general question that’s on your heart!

Aura-Soma Consultations

Learn more about yourself by exploring the world of color! These bottles are intentionally made to bring forth the things your soul is longing for you to know and to help alchemize your life so that you can achieve the things your heart desires! Utilizing plants, crystals, and colors Aura-Soma is a unique system which offers you clarity while providing a means to move forward! Click below for more info!

Channeled Life-Coaching

For a unique and personalized processing experience, this is a great option. This is different than a traditional counseling session because much of the information gleaned is channeled from Spirit. Like other sessions, this one is tailored individually for you. If you are grieving a deceased love one, for example, in addition to tips for grieving, they *may* also come forward with a message.